About the Authors

HenryKHsmallHenry Kimsey-House, CPCC, MCC
Co-founder and Director, CTI

One of the first professional coaches in the 1980s, Kimsey-House is the co-founder and lead designer of CTI’s thought-provoking, experiential learning programs and the co-author of Co-Active Coaching, the best-selling industry coaching bible, now in its third edition.

An actor since age nine, Kimsey-House honed his insights into human emotion and the narrative process through classical theatrical training and years of stage, television, and film experience.

With deep conviction that education should be driven by immersive, contextually based learning and not dry information dumps, Kimsey-House is committed to creating richly engaging and transformative learning environments where retention approaches 80 percent, rather than the traditional 20 percent. He continues to develop new, innovative curricula in collaboration with other dynamic thought leaders. He lives with his wife, Karen Kimsey-House, on the coast of Northern California.

David SkibbinsDavid Skibbins, PhD

David Skibbins works as a life coach with entrepreneurs, business owners, other coaches, and upper level managers.

A coach supervisor at CTI, he is certified by the ICF as a Professional Certified Coach. He has a PhD in clinical psychology and was a psychotherapist for over twenty years.

He is the author of: Becoming a Life Coach: A Complete Workbook for Therapists; Working Clean and Sober, and The Tarot Card Murders, a four-book, award-winning murder-mystery series published by St. Martin’s Press.
David is also a playwright, an actor, and a director in several local theater groups on the North Coast of California.



We tried to write a clear, logical, didactic book about the principles developed in the Co-Active Leadership Program offered by the Coaches Training Institute. God knows we tried. But every time we read our work, it ended up boring us.

That was bad. Because what we were writing about were passionate concepts that we have devoted years of our life to discovering and evolving into the kind of ideas that can truly transform the world. They shouldn’t be boring!

That was when we threw everything out and started from scratch. The poet and political activist Muriel Rukeyser once wrote, “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” We both love stories, and we realized that stories were the magic element that was missing in our book. So we decided to wrap a fictional story around our truth, and also to weave in true stories from the graduates of the leadership program.

In the end, we created a book on leadership that is actually fun to read.images