Praise for The Stake: The Making of Leaders

“The Stake shows us that each of us is a leader and guides us on a journey kevin-cashmanof discovering and developing that leader inside us all. This is an important book, placing the responsibility for leadership in the hands of everyone rather than just a select few. A must-read for anyone who is committed to personal and professional transformation.”

—KEVIN CASHMAN, Bestselling Author, Leadership from the Inside Out and The Pause Principle; Senior Partner-CEO and Executive Development, Korn/Ferry International

“In these times of global crisis and opportunity, we need leaders who will stand firmly in their purpose and values, who know how to create intimate and resilient relationships with others, and most importantly who recognize Lynne-Twistthat leadership has nothing to do with control or domination. This brilliant book takes us on a journey of discovering how to do just that. Populated with inspiring stories and potent examples, authors Henry Kimsey-House and David Skibbins take the reader through a process of discovery with a group of people who are uncovering their own leadership abilities and learning the power of taking a stand. I heartily recommend this fascinating and powerful book to everyone everywhere. Its message is critical and a vital contribution to our time.”

—LYNNE TWIST, Author, The Soul of Money; Founder, Soul of Money Institute; and Cofounder, The Pachamama Alliance

“The Co-Active Leadership model is a brilliant work of vision and passion. I had the good fortune and privilege of learning it from Henry and Karen Kimsey-House as they co-led my CTI leadership program. I experienced Henry as the gentlest and wisest “bigger-than-life” person I have ever met. ShirzadOver the subsequent years of working with Henry, he became my model for purity and integrity of vision, of holding steady against the constant temptations of convenient compromise. As I read The Stake, I realized that what I had experienced in Henry was the perfect manifestation of the Co-Active Leadership model in action. The uncompromising steadiness I had experienced in him came from his being tethered to his passionate stake for the world and his contribution to it. He had helped to create the model, and was now being guided by the model. And it showed.”

“It is always challenging to translate something bigger than life, such as Henry and the magic of Co-Active Leadership, through mere words. The two vehicles that tend to transcend such limitations are stories and poetry. Henry and David have artfully used both to accomplish that near impossible task. This book is a must-read for anyone wishing to awaken to the spectacular power of their dormant leadership.”

—SHIRZAD CHAMINE, N.Y. Times bestselling author of Positive Intelligence

“The Stake: The Making of Leaders reveals how knowing our life purpose enables us all to keep moving forward into the unknown, driven by the deep curiosity of the impact we can have on ourselves and the whole environment in which we lead. Understanding that the power to lead comes from within us and how we can impact both the people and the space around us is a compelling reason to keep exploring on our personal leadership journeys.”

—IAN STEPHENSON, Vice President, Organization Effectiveness, Cargill